Unleash your true potential with the Professional Agile Leadership Essentials Class!

Get the mindset, strategies, and practices you need to foster the conditions for a thriving agile environment. Delivered by Alexander Hardt, this hands-on, activity-based course is perfect for team leaders.

professional agile leadership essentials training

What Training Graduates are Saying

Real Experience Real Impact

This collaborative class aims to give you a deeper understanding of:

  • ✅ How to use agility to maximize customer satisfaction and get better results, and appropriate ways to measure your performance.
  • ✅ The typical challenges your team will encounter during an agile transformation and how to overcome them.
  • ✅ The changes you need to make in your management and leadership style to support your teams better.
  • ✅ How to assess your team's agile maturity, giving you a clear path forward on how to interact with them and move them along to the next level.
  • ✅ Why you need clear goals and alignment on team values when building a high-performance team and how to establish them.

When you join the Professional Agile Leadership Essential Class, you get…

  • ✅ The insights you need to grow as a leader.
  • ✅ A holistic approach to building an environment that supports team success.
  • ✅ Plus, when you complete the training, you’re ready to take your Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I) assessment.

Who is the training for?

This intensive and interactive training is ideal for managers and leaders fostering or planning an agile transformation. This includes middle management team leaders, department heads, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and other managers of agile teams.

Do you have a PMI License? Complete the course, and you’ll get 14 PDUs to maintain your license.

professional agile leadership essentials training

Your trainer, Alexander Hardt

Alexander Hardt PAL - E Training

Meet your Trainer,
Alex Hardt

I have been a passionate Professional Scrum Trainer for over 7 years. My students describe me as competent, structured, and inspiring. They also give me high ratings for my facilitation techniques. My goal is to offer all participants the best possible learning experience. It motivates me to help shape and participate in people's and organizations' growth.

In addition to my work as a trainer, I support managing directors holistically in redesigning their companies to make them fit for the present and robust for the future.

Private or Public class - which is right for you?

Go Private

Learn together as a company.

In addition to the training and resources, book a private class with me, and you’ll get

✅ A discovery call where we identify the challenges you’d like to address and resolve
✅ and a follow-up debriefing where we can identify learning and areas for further improvement.
✅ This makes your training experience even more effective to put into practice.

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Go Public

Learn with people from other companies and industries.

In addition to the training and resources, book a public class with me, and you’ll get

✅ The guarantee that there will be a maximum of 8 students in the class.
✅ An individual one-hour consulting session where we can address your context-specific needs.
✅ This makes your training experience even more effective to put into practice.

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Take the Assessment & Get Certified

Ready to take the next step? In addition to the training, you’ll also receive

  • ✅ Unlimited access to training material created in class, guaranteeing better retention.
  • ✅ A reference guide, white papers, and other studies to investigate to deepen your understanding of the topics covered in class.
  • ✅ Access to assessment essentials, tips and tricks, and support from Alex to ensure you pass with flying colors.
  • ✅ One free attempt to obtain your Professional Agile Leadership I (PAL I) certification. In the case of an unforeseen failure within the first two weeks after the class, you’ll be granted one more free attempt.


Alex is the most structured, engaging, and competent trainer I met so far. He clarifies all your questions. After 3 classes with him I can say that he is the best trainer I came across. What I especially appreciate is his support and guidance beyond the training sessions. I value him highly and look forward to doing more agile business with him.

If you consider learning more about Professional Scrum, I absolutely recommend working with him!

Hans-Peter Schreiber

Senior Consultant At Schreiber Projekte & Controlling

The PAL-E course from Alex provided valuable insights into agile leadership. In our case, it helped us tremendously improve and speed up decision-making processes in our team. We saved quite some time by following the concepts and rules provided and discussed in this course. With that, we got a clearer and better perspective of what topics are ahead of us and how we can tackle them iteratively.
That leads us to provide more value to our customers faster.

Steffen Lang

Department Head Enterprise Systems

100% entertaining and important for my future career.
The PAL course was full of great knowledge and methods that are absolutely essential to becoming a leader in agile product development. Alexander has a wealth of experience and gives 100% practical advice on how to  apply the techniques from the course in your daily business.

After the two days, I was enthusiastic to apply what I had learned.

Andreas Altmannsberger

Senior Product Manager

I have often engaged Alex for private training and have always been enthusiastic about his way of imparting knowledge. In Alex, we have found the ideal trainer for us. You can discuss individual courses with him, define the focus, and design optimal training for your employees. What impressed me the most was how Alex facilitated a learning environment where the participants worked on the topics in a self-organized way. That helps immensely in acquiring new knowledge.

Manfred Schloyer

Branch Manager